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Blah Blah Blah, lies, lies, Mario and crafts.

Okay so, I want to start off by saying... You’re a lying sack of shit! Yes, YOU!

Why does everyone have to make things look so easy?

Growing up is not easy

Relationships are not easy

Jobs are not easy

Having kids are not easy

THEN having to teach your kids right from wrong…. not easy

Starting your own business is not easy

Making a goddamn TikTok is not easy

Oh and social media is fake :p

I am only a quarter through my life, and I can tell you right now, that I’m not sure that I’ll ever be prepared for each day.

All your life, your mother and father tries to get you ready for real life, but if you were like me, you don’t listen to them. You try to figure everything out yourself, having a blinding immaturity, thinking that you’ll be a famous artist because you can paint semi-decent, or you enjoy printmaking so you go to school across the country to an amazing printmaking program, then do barely anything with printmaking since. (Yes, I did all of the above.)

“Don’t go to art school because you don’t know what you want to do after and you will be swimming in student loans” - Dad

”I’ll figure it out“ - Me

*Still hasn't figured it out*

Sometimes I like to relate life to candy land.

**Ripple flashback effect**

Picture this. You are 10 spaces away from victory, you can taste the sugar in your mouth.

Your dumb sister is 13 spaces behind you, HA. No chance.

Ok, lips quivering, your time to pick.……….. Jesus Mary and Joseph.

You get that fucking cupcake piece that sets you back to the beginning of the board…….THE AGONY.


*Side note: You might not be like me and ACTUALLY listened to your parents. I know that exists as well because my fiance, Karl, asked his mom at a young age “What job makes a lot of money” and she said “An Accountant“ .. now what is he? An accountant. If this is you, go away. This blog might not interest you. Maybe you should go read the NY Times. (I’m kidding please stay.)

The struggles that life throws at you ever single day that you continue on this earth, and every day you are not preparing for these struggles, it‘s like starting a new level of Mario and you keep trying to jump over the lava but every damn time you Fall. Head. First. Into. LAVA. Or getting that damn cupcake piece and starting from the beginning. Because honestly, do you ever stop playing after you fall into the lava or get that cupcake piece? Nah, you try about 57 more times………

So whats this blog about? Me trying to prepare myself to jump over the lava? Maybe.

Am I just going to rant about random shit? Maybe.

Am I going to show you my DIY projects and have fun while trying to make this my full time job? Definitely.

So, I hope you come back :)

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