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EASY DIY: Felt Flower Wreath (under $10 to make!)

Hey guys! I want to show you how to make.......... THIS ADORABLE FELT FLOWER WREATH!:

It is a quick and easy diy project that anyone can do! I promise. It could be a great gift, or seasonal decoration that you can do again and again with different colors and add ons!

I am excited that this is my first diy post. I would love for it to be a test to see if ya'll want me to do this weekly or if I should stick to keeping my projects to myself :p SO please let me know in the comments what you think!

So lets get a shopping list together for what you need:

  1. Felt (any colors your heart desires, some for flowers and leaves I only used 4 sheets for this project maroon, pink, grey, and green)

  2. Beaded wreath or any other wreath frame you would like.

  3. Hot Glue gun and hot glue sticks (comment if you don't have one and would like a recommendation)

  4. Your Hands!

That's it! To get started please first watch this TikTok of how to make the "rose" felt shape.

Follow me too while you're at it ;) @guacamulve_makes

So it's as simple as that to make the rose shape! You will make however many you need to fit your wreath. Your roses might come out a little different than mine and that's completely fine! (it can't be THAT bad :p) I used 2 different sheets of felt for my roses. I used one maroon one and cut it into 4 even-ish rectangles. Used each rectangle as one rose, then for the smaller rose I folded one more time to make 16 smaller roses.

Next is the Chrysanthemum:

To make the strip of felt, Cut your felt in half, then half again, and again until you get about a 2 inch strip of felt.

Leaf time!

Follow the way I cut the felt on the video and you should have about 16 small rectangles. Fold your small rectangle in half, and on the crease, start cutting to form a point to the other side. And repeat on the other side, You should have something that looks like a triangle. Then unfold and you will have a leaf shape.

You should have about 16 of these leaves from one sheet of felt

(I didn't use all 16 on my wreath, but save whatever you don't use for your next project!)

So purrrrrty! Get cutting and meet me back here when you are done!

Now arrange your flowers however you'd like. I would recommend arranging before you start gluing them down. This helps to know if you made enough as well!

Finally it's time to Hot glue into place!!!! Sorry I didn’t take a video of this. I tend to burn my fingers with glue a lot so I figured it would be best if I didn’t show that part :p

but here is the finished product!!!! wasn’t it so friggin easy to make!!!????

I really hope you enjoyed this project. Comment if you tried it, want to try it, or if you have any other diy projects you want me to walk through!

Thanks for reading :) and happy crafting.

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