Karl and Amanda

we're getting hitched!

This page is for friends and family to keep you updated on our wedding planning!!!


Stay accommodations


UPDATE: We have reserved 15 rooms blocked off at the courtyard hotel across from the Asheville Airport. This is the link to reserve your room!: (**these rooms will only be available until 9/9. You can also call (828)684-5000 to reserve your room as well) 


If you need any help please message me directly!!

Traveling for a wedding is frustrating and time consuming so I am very grateful for everyone that is traveling to celebrate with us. We understand any conflicts or troubles along the way so please just keep me updated so I can help in any way possible. 🖤

Air bnbs nearby: 

(**all these towns are within a 25 min drive to the wedding venue.**)

Note: Carpooling and rides will be no problem. If you won’t have a car, and need to collaborate please let me know as soon as you can!

Asheville (An Airbnb that is located in “Asheville” will be very close to town, max of 10 mins to the town of Asheville, lots to do, breweries, cute town to walk up, local shopping, restaurants etc. about 15-20 mins to the venue)

Arden (Town the wedding is in, Not that much to do, but a close drive to Asheville 15-20 mins, easy to go either way to explore. Good hiking nearby)  

West Asheville (hipster, smaller stays, and close to town. West Asheville itself has cool restaurants and like a small Brooklyn vibe)

Weaverville (little further from the venue as well, 10-15 mins north of Asheville, but great views, very country feel) 

Black mountain (beautiful views, little further of a drive but cute small town vibe) 

Things to do in Asheville while you are here:

(Will fill this in soon!)

Again! Thank you so much for figuring this out with us! We are excited to see everyone and be able to celebrate Karl and I’s marriage!!!